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Start this New Year By giving Hope to Impoverished Families

As we begin the New Year, giving back is the best way to start. Thousands of impoverished families pray for food, medical relief and support. These families are in dire need for services and aid to ease the burdens they face. From health challenges, to malnutrition, access to clean water.

In 2015 we saw a lot of progress in the communities where we work. The momentum is building in 2016 and with your continuous support we will reach more people in the rural communities who are in desperate need. Our program is impactful and simple therefore your support can be simple too.

As we begin the New Year we are asking you to donate via our secured website and provide children and the deprived communities with a gift of life, hope and joy.

Thank You for your interest and generosity.

Our WorkWhat We Do With Your Donations

12 Health Care Centers Upgraded and equipped
860 Babies prevented from HIV transmission and over 300 were prevented from acute malnutrition
Over 6,000 nutritious meals were provided within and outside schools

Over 600 Pregnant women were supported with Nutritional Support and access to quality pre and post natal health care services
Over 500 women empowered with skill acquisition and psychosocial support
Biire mobilizes the largest HIV awareness campaign in Nigeria; Biire through the Lagos AIDS Walkathon initiative is providing HIV prevention information to over 10 million people each year