Prevention of HIV / AIDS

Biire’s aim is to bring to full scale proven HIV prevention interventions that address the drivers of the epidemic, while ensuring that disproportionately affected population groups are provided with appropriate HIV prevention interventions.

Our prevention programs are designed to provide stakeholders with a wide and innovative range of HIV prevention programs with emphasis on the prevention of new HIV infections / primary infection, secondary infection, as well as vertical transmission.

Our activities are targeted towards most at risk populations (MARPs) and we also assist people in identifying behaviors that put them at risk of HIV / AIDS transmission.

These activities are organized in those communities that are hard to reach:

 HIV Testing & Counseling (Early detection, Home based testing, Moonlight testing)
 Training & Capacity Building (Training TBAs on HIV)
 Outreach participation in health related and community events.
 Prevention of mother to child transmission via early detection and infant diagnosis.

We also provide confidential couple counseling as well as community testing particularly around high risk zones (moonlight testing in Red light districts, brothels, university campuses and tourist hangouts)

Other prevention interventions include:
 HIV / AIDS advice for newly diagnosed and sero discordant couples
 Age appropriate HIV education in secondary schools and youth groups