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Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Water Sanitation and Hygiene Campaign For Communities By Biire Development and Health Initiatives


The vast majority of women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, are without access to menstrual hygiene knowledge and services, including the absence of vital hand washing facilities for most. Diseases caused by poor water, sanitation and hygiene lead to malnutrition, stunting and child mortality, with nearly 600,000 children under the age of five losing their lives every year to preventable situations (UNICEF).

The dignity and personal safety of women, girls and people in vulnerable situations is at risk. Furthermore, the psychosocial stress that affects women and girls is significant. Sub-Saharan Africa contains the majority of countries considered off track to meet the SDG Goals.


In response to the gross hygiene challenges in Nigeria, we have carried several hand washing campaigns in Nigerian schools, teaching school students best practices to observe personal hygiene.

More so, BCHDI has implemented menstrual hygiene project targeted at improving young female students’ menstrual hygiene practices and provided hundreds of students with sanitary pads.

We look forward to embarking on clean water projects that will provide communities lacking clean and affordable water with access to potable water in a sustainable manner.

We want to partner with private sectors to build WASH facilities across community schools in underserved areas across Nigeria, to reduce water-borne and poor hygiene related diseases.

To reduce the under 5 mortality deaths, we will provide rural communities with safe water treatment materials, coupled with provision of potable water.

1 Monitoring

Monitor the nutritional status of the mother and child 

2 Counseling

Provide ongoing counseling and educational support 

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