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Creating Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities

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Exploring trends in Nigeria’s unemployment rate reveals that at least two-thirds of unemployed youth are below 24 years of age and more than 50% are young women. For many years, young women in Nigeria have been unfairly hit by lack of economic opportunities and poor reproductive health choices which affects their ability to live to their full potential. 

To address this high unemployment and low entrepreneurship rates in Nigeria, labor force participation needs to be increased by providing employment, empowerment and entrepreneurship opportunities to youth and women in particular.


We aim to build the capacity of female secondary school leavers in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship through our Empower HER Programme.

We will also build the capacity of secondary school leavers in 3 areas of business: ICT (Web design and blogging), Photography and videography, and business management.  These areas are very girls in Lagos continuously develop themselves, manage their finance and become independent.  

Women will benefit from our vocational skills programme, to start up their own business and improve their economic outcomes.

BCHDI hopes to partner with a financial institution to start a loan scheme to help entrepreneurs’ access credit facilities through innovative competitions.  prolific and are in high demand in the society now.

Through the creation of a media hub, we will create a support system to enable project beneficiaries.

1 Monitoring

Monitor the nutritional status of the mother and child 

2 Counseling

Provide ongoing counseling and educational support 

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