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Prevent Mother To Child Transmission


Prevention from Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) is an integral part of Biire’s work.  This project enable more women to participate more in PMTCT program and also helped support women’s nutritional status at a particularly vulnerable period of their lives. Nutrition and food interventions to positive mothers are provided mostly through ART sites, health facilities or support groups. 

Over 800 Pregnant women have been counseled and tested during antenatal visits at different hospitals as well as Communities. About 76 women who tested positive were admitted to the PMTCT program and provided nutrition support, home based care and access to treatment.


Our “one test saves two lives” campaign is targeted at women of reproductive age particularly pregnant women living in remote communities with the aim of reducing the number of newborns who contract HIV from their mothers. This campaign includes educating women, their partners and building the capacity of traditional birth attendants (TBAs) about the necessity of HIV testing during pregnancy.

It is believed that these tests will ultimately save more lives and help prevent mother to child transmission. Biire’s school-based HIV and AIDS education reaches many youths with HIV information, equipping them with the skills they need to protect themselves before they become sexually active.  Research has shown that it is easier to lead children to adopt preventive behavior before they are sexually active. Education on sexual health does not encourage early sexual debut; on the contrary, it is observed that it delays the start of sexual activities.



Providing food for the newly diagnosed ensures Biire with the following the opportunities:

1 Monitoring

Monitor the nutritional status of the mother and child 

2 Counseling

Provide ongoing counseling and educational support 

3 Nutrition Support

Support the mother with infant feeding choices 

4 Immuniztion

Ensure that the infant is fully immunized


Offer HCT on behalf of the infant at 8 weeks old 

6 Empowerment

Link the women with other support interventions, including empowerment programs.