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Advocacy on HIV/AIDS


Advocacy on HIV/AIDS by Dissemination of information on the importance of the sexual health of adolescents among ‘gatekeepers’ (such as parents, teachers and community leaders) and adolescent (1996). 

The dissemination project was aimed to use preliminary data from the morbidity study to raise awareness of the importance of adolescent sexual health amongst different groups in Ondo state in order to elicit suggestions and support for practical interventions for adolescents.  

Advocacy on HIV/AIDS by Training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA).

Biire conducted trainings for TBAs in Osun and Ondo in 2012. TBAs were provided basic education on hygiene and the recognition of complications during childbirth.  The aim was to foster a referral system between TBAs and the local maternity in a bid to reduce maternal mortality.

Advocacy on HIV/AIDS by Support group Strengthening.

Biire delivered training to build the capacity of women support groups in areas of leadership, nutritional meals preparation, advocacy and resource mobilization, as well as conducted stigma-reduction training. Five support groups were established, and over 300 women were recorded living opening and positively with HIV/AIDS in their communities following the stigma-reduction training.