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Biire School Feeding Program

School Feeding Program By Biire Health and Development Initiatives-1

Worldwide, more than 350 million children are undernourished. Children need to consume sufficient nutrition in order to thrive. Biire in partnership with Sahara Foundation designed a school feeding program to overcome malnutrition disorders through regular school feeding so as to improve the health and nutrition status as well as educational status of such deprived children. 

In Nigeria, Malnutrition/Micronutrient deficiencies are even more widespread among school-age HIV positive children. Malnutrition disorders affect more than 42% of school children and is responsible for 49% absenteeism of primary school age children.  With support from Sahara Foundation, Biire carried out school feeding programs in 4 public schools in and around Ibeju Lekki.

School Feeding Program Duration


The school feeding program duration was 4 years and over 6,000 (six thousand) children where giving nutritious meals daily. The outcome was impressive as the percentage of children who enrolled in school increased, the percentage of absentees reduced. Children added weight and looked happier.