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Education Focus

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In Africa, poverty, poor access to school, lack of sanitary facilities and social norms such as child marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting, have all been preventing children from realizing the basic right to education (UNFPA).

Girls’ education particularly has proven to be one of the most cost-effective strategies to promote development and economic growth. According to UNICEF, educated mothers tend to have healthier, better nourished babies, and their own children are more likely to attend school thus, helping break the vicious cycle of poverty. 


We aim to collaborate with organizations to implement school refurbishing programmes by creating basic facilities like school structures, furniture, and equipment to at least 40% of schools in rural communities.

We currently have an education focus(Edu-Aid) project which focuses on supplying writing materials and stationery to schools.  BCHDI serves as the link between well-meaning Nigerians and funders who want to ensure that every Nigerian child has basic educational materials such as books, textbooks, school bags, etc.

To increase the number of girls in the ICT space, we are creating a programme where girls have access to digital skills and create solutions to problems around their communities through knowledge gained.

1 Monitoring

Monitor the nutritional status of the mother and child 

2 Counseling

Provide ongoing counseling and educational support 

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