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Our Solutions To Nutrition Problem In Nigeria

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One million children under five die every year in Nigeria, 35% of them are due to causes attributed to malnutrition. This makes Nigeria one of the six countries that accounts for half of all child deaths from malnutrition worldwide. In the north, half of all children under five are stunted, and one in five suffers from malnutrition. This has profound implications for health and for human development. It also presents a major obstacle to the attainment of sustainable development goals. 

Biire Foundation’s response to malnutrition is multifaceted. We work closely with community health and maternity workers to identify early signs of malnutrition and subsequently refer these cases to the health care centres for facility treatment. We also follow up with home-based continuum care and nutrition support for less severe cases. After this, the beneficiaries are provided with appropriate information on local sourcing and preparation of nutritious foods that improves their nutritional status, so they can be better prepared before the baby comes.

We also provide nutritional needs for women living with HIV and caring for babies. This is done through the provision of food, cooking oil and other food supplements. Additionally, we engage the services of nutritionists to help these women in food preparation using locally available food that strengthens the human immune system and keeps them healthy in order to cope with the disease.  In the same vein, Biire with the support of partners and funders, identifies communities and areas with a high population of malnutrition cases and provides different nutrition intervention programmes within these areas as part of the company’s corporate social responsibilities.


Biire will deliver a number of evidence-based, highly cost-effective direct interventions for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition especially towards mothers, newborns and children in Nigeria.

Biire aims to embark on community-based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM), vitamin A supplementation, iron-folic acid supplements and deworming in vulnerable communities 

Biire will promote nutrition counselling throughout pregnancy, particularly exclusive breast feeding in different languages and selected northern states to improve infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices. 

Through support from the private sector at least 10,000 children will be fed and those with severe acute malnutrition will referred for proper medical care 

We have implemented school feeding programmes in underserved communities to facilitate children’s attendance in school.  We feed children at least twice a week to overcome the barrier of hunger and poverty.

Nutrition Project Outcome

This intervention will reduce the prevalence of stunting  and underweight in the south west and Northern States of Nigeria

The program will contribute to National targets of reducing underweight and stunting in children and will improve the nutritional status of children under five in northern Nigeria.

1 Monitoring

Monitor the nutritional status of the mother and child 

2 Counseling

Provide ongoing counseling and educational support 

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