Moringa Oleifera Powder


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Moringa oleifera powder has become recognized as a powerful tool for improving nutrition around the world due to its nutrient density. A good source in iron, beta-carotene, potassium, and calcium, moringa leaves can be eaten fresh, dried, or cooked.

In dried powder form, the leaves can retain their nutritional value for years without refrigeration. Moringa leaves also contain all nine essential amino acids, making it a source of complete protein. Recent studies suggest moringa possesses potent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, which may help prevent and manage chronic diseases including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.


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While more research is needed to substantiate the validity of each medicinal claim, scientific studies have suggested that moringa may be a powerful tool to help prevent and treat anemia, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic inflammatory diseases. Research also suggests that moringa could be used as a galactagogue, helping mothers increase production and quality of breast milk Moringa also contains high levels of iron, calcium, beta-carotene, B vitamins, and is a good source of plant protein as well as polyphenols and isothiocyanates, which have been studied extensively for their role in helping protect against heart disease and cancer, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

A single serving of moringa leaf powder is equivalent to two servings of leafy greens.
To add this convenient green into your meals, consider adding a tablespoon of moringa powder to smoothies, sprinkle it onto a favorite dish, or mix it into sauces and stews.


High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure or hypertension is becoming one of the most popular diseases among humans today, particularly the younger ones. It is particularly becoming a significant health issue worldwide. Having high blood pressure increases your risk of developing cardiovascular or heart diseases like stroke and heart attack, which is why as much as possible, this must be avoided.
Interestingly, moringa seeds were found to help lower high blood pressure. Although further studies have yet to be made to prove this claim. Nevertheless, taking supplemental medication like moringa seeds must be done along with living a healthy lifestyle, eating the right food, and regular exercise.
Based on research, the result states that moringa seeds help reduce oxidized lipids, thus, making it able to safeguard heart tissues from constructional damage.

Diabetes or High Blood Sugar Levels
Apart from its ability to reduce blood pressure levels, taking moringa seeds has been found to have a significant effect in reducing blood sugar levels as well, making it ideal for diabetic patients. Moringa seeds were found to be rich in zinc, which helps in regulating the secretion of insulin. Although further studies among humans must still be conducted, such effect is very promising and could lead to preventative as well as therapeutic management of blood sugar level diseases like diabetes.

High Cholesterol Levels
Like any other parts of the moringa tree, particularly the leaves, moringa seeds were also found to be effective in lowering high cholesterol levels. Having a high cholesterol level is not good for the body. In fact, it can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Interesting fact, in the Ancient Thai medicines, moringa has been classed as cardiotonic, which refers to medications that help control and improve the contraction of the heart. In most moringa products, they monosaturated fatty acids called oleic acid, which comes with many health benefits particularly in preventing cardiovascular diseases as well as blood clots.


  • System
  • Teeth and Bones
  • Healthy and Glowing Skin
  • Weight Loss
  • Encourage Hair Growth
  • Anti-Inflammatory


While it is generally safe for anyone, it is highly NOT advisable for consumption if:

  • You are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant. While moringa leaves are totally safe for pregnant women, moringa seeds are not. Studies say that it may contain certain substances that may put your pregnancy at risk. Thus, better stop taking moringa seeds until after delivery.
  • Lactating women. Although moringa leaves are known to be beneficial in producing breastmilk supply. Some experts suggest lactating women stay away from taking moringa seeds.
  • Taking maintenance medication particular for hypertension and diabetes. Moringa seeds like the other parts of the moringa tree have a natural effect on reducing high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Taking it along with medication may not be good for your body.


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